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Top Chef Update

The NY Times has an article on what some Top Chefs are up to. It sounds like the show didn’t change lives and careers too much. It is interesting to see what some of the cheftestants are doing.


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Top Chef Finale

I am so disappointed! I had Carla as my pick. I think she just had an off night. I really ended up liking her and her approach to cooking.

I didn’t think Hosea was all that impressive but I didn’t taste his food.

Stefan’s desserts seemed alright to me. I was interested in the carpacio since Colichio seemed to strongly dislike the technique but someone else at the table liked it. It’s so hard to say when you don’t taste it.

Overall, I am not very good at the Top Chef Fantasy Game.

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Top Three!!

I can’t believe it but everyone on my team made it to the top 3. I am finally getting better at this game…and it’s almost over.

I thought Carla rocked the competition. I loved the idea of a savory beignet.

I like Stefan and am glad he made it. He could act like he’s trying harder. I do think he puts in effort.

Too bad for Jeff. It has to be disappointing to be in the top 3 but not the winner.

I am so over Hosea complaining about Stefan. Doesn’t he have anything else to talk about it?

Fabio is a good chef but I think he got by on charm and personality (in short supply in some of the other cheftestants) in some of the other competitions so I am not too surprised he went home.

I am also over Jamie saying something isn’t her style of food, both in the last quickfire and in the Ripert competition. I liked her a lot but it’s very annoying to hear that. Creole isn’t most of the other chefs style either. I guess I don’t have to hear that again.

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Top Four of Top Chef

At least all my cheftestants (Stefan, Carla, and Hosea) made it. My team is ranked 9463 with 68 pts.

I kind of liked the fact the Carla’s dish which was simpler than the others won the quickfire. She wanted it perfect and it seems it was pretty close. I think perfection tops innovation.

I thought the Last Supper theme was interesting. It seemed that everyone wanted some sort of comfort food, the perfect version of their favorite dish.

Carla and Fabio did that. I especially loved when Colicchio said that Carla’s was overcooked and Pepin told him if he was blind he would have though it was perfectly cooked. Fabio not only completed a dinner injured but won the challenge. (Although I made dinner once after cutting off the very tip of my finger in a mandoline but I lived by myself and was hungry; what was I going to do?)

I was disappointed that Stefan over-cooked his salmon; he’s usually pretty right on technically. I thought he looked upset at his mistakes but it was nice that he tooked the judges opinion in rather than argue with them.

It was past time for Leah to be voted off. I am getting tired of Hosea, especially his tirades about Stefa.

I think I’ll stick with my team but I think it’s down to Carla and Stefan.

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top chef team restructuring

Once again, I am completely awful at this game.I now have 59 pts and am ranked 8577. I guess I am slightly moving up.

I did have Carla and Stefan on my team and they were in the top 3 so that was good.

However, Jamie was on my team and she got sent home. That celery must have been awful in its over-saltedness to send her home.

She seemed to understand the dish and just over reduced her sauce for the celery which is bad. It just does not seem as bad as Leah who didn’t understand her dish and it didn’t taste good.

At least Jamie knew what was going on. I am getting quite tired of Leah.

Pat and I were talking about Toby as a judge and he pointed out that his cristicims aren’t that funny and aren’t that relevant. Bourdain (who I love) comes on and will say mean things but they are funny and they actually address some thing about the food.

Saying something is stuck in your teeth and you wish it wasn’t doesn’t really help someone get any better. Calling a presentation “Flintstonian” is mean (as Bourdain did on a Thanksgiving episode a while back) but at least he was trying to get someone to see their presentation was overly simple with no color.

Oh well, I still love the show. My new line-up is Stefan, Carla (at the point I think one of them will win), and Hosea (I didn’t know who else to pick).

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Top Chef-Thur Point Recap

I have 41 pts and am ranked 9595. I am awful at this game. My team for the last episode was Jeff, Stefan, and Jamie.

Jeff got sent home. I think he’s a good chef that needs editing.

I can’t believe Stefan lost. Pat was saying he kind of hoped he lost just because he tried to pick someone he thought he could easily beat while I was screaming no that he was on my team. Stefan is a jerk but at least he said he didn’t become overly defensive.

Jamie did well of course. She didn’t win unfortunately.

I like Fabio but I really thought he was going home since his venison was overcooked.

I choose Carla as a replacement. I like her attitude and her gumbo was great. I thought about Hosea since he’s had some great moments. Carla’s got such great energy so I am hoping she will do well.

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Top Chef-Thur Morning Tally

I really am not good at the Top Chef Fantasy Game. I received 1 pt from last night’s episode!

I had Jeff, Jamie, and Stefan. Stefan won so that was great, but both Jeff and Jamie were on the losing team although their individual dishes were pretty good.

I am getting tired of whatever drama Leah and Hosea have going on. It was particualrly awkward when they were in the kitchen and Leah was upset with her performance. Hosea went to hug her and she walked away.

I had the episode recorded on DVR and I was tempted to fast forward through that stuff (I also watch ANTM and often fast forward through cattiness in the house).

Anyway, I was surprised how people picked teams. I would have thought that talent would have won out over personality. People chose their teams based on who they like and both teams were medicore.

Stefan, Jamie, Fabio, and Jeff did pretty solid work but they were divided between the 2 teams. I like Carla so I was disappointed in her desserts. I did love it when Stefan got out ice to chill his.

I think I’ll stick with this line up and see what happens.

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