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variation on quick dinner

One of my favorite quick dinners is to make pasta with beans and vegetables.

I will steam broccoli or peas or some other vegetable, and boil 4 oz of pasta. I will mix the vegetables with beans and a little olive oil and toss them cooked pasta with them. Tonight I did a little variation throwing goat cheese in at the last minute. Very tasty.

goat cheese variation


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Friday Dinner

Friday night dinner was a team effort. I made roasted potatoes by tossing fingerling potatoes with olive oil, salt, and parsley then putting them in the oven at 400F. Pat steamed some mixed veggies and sauteed lemon pepper chicken.

Friday Dinner

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Pat and I were going out to a college friends for New Year’s but before we left I made a little dinner.

I threw together some lemon pepper flavored pasta and tossed it with shaved Parmesan, butter, and a little creme fraiche. It was great and one of the simplest meals I did this week (other than leftovers).

thursday dinner

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Wednesday Night Dinner

I took leftover shortribs and used them as filling for pierogi. I also baked a potato and used that with butter and a little cheese as filling, too.

For dinner, I actually ate leftover filling for dinner. I mashed it together and heated it.

wednesday night dinner

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Tuesday Night Dinner

Tonight was leftovers. I purposely made a bigger casserole yesterday so tonight would easier.

Pat basically refuses to eat leftovers and walked into the kitchen and microwaved a burrito and lean pocket. He said he ‘forgot’ we had mac’n cheese.

tuesday dinner

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Monday Night Dinner

I always think it’s interesting what people eat for everyday dinners. I decided to post our dinners for the week.

Tonight I did lemon pepper chicken baked in the oven (chicken breast cut into 3 oz servings with Penzey’s lemon pepper seasoning, a little vegetable oil, and a touch of balsamic vinegar) with baked macaroni and cheese (pasta, broccoli, goat cheese, bits of cheese from the bin of leftover cheeses at Whole Foods, creme fraiche, mustard). Probably about 30-40 min of active cooking time.

monday dinner

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Christmas Eve

Pat and I are wrapping gifts after enjoying some delicious short ribs and mashed potatoes. I will post about that after the holidays.

wrapping gifts

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